Get ready to launch your first event:

Ready to launch your first game on OpenSports? Here’s some advice from the pros!

Navigating through your group on the Web:

Most of the following steps involve using the different tabs on your group’s navigation bar ( Home | Announcements | Members | Invite | Events | Memberships | Settings | Reports | Payment )

Here’s a few things to know before your first event starts

First, you need to perfect your Group’s Settings and Event Details!

1.Create a waiver — The first time somebody joins an event within your group, they must accept your waiver. Find this through the Settings tab.

2. Connect to Stripe —We will approve you for collecting payment when you create paid events. Find this through the Payment tab.

3. Embed events Iframe/Widget — You can embed this live updating widget onto your website, so that website visitors can see all of your upcoming events, and can join directly through the widget. Here’s an example of a group’s widget on their website. Find the widget through the Events tab.

4. Event description — Ensure your event title and description contain descriptive information! Use the description text box to tell players what to bring, where to meet, what kind of surface you’re playing on, and what to expect. Here’s a great example of an event description.

5. Create an attendee cap — Think about creating a sense of “urgency/demand” for your games. For example, if you host 5v5 games, think about limiting your first few events to 10 players initially so players want to commit/ RSVP right away. Always create a sense of urgency. Edit your attendee cap through your event’s Edit button.

6. Assign multiple group/event admins — You can promote existing group members to become Event managers, Event Administrators, or Group Admins. Here’s our tutorial about adding admins to groups/events. Find this through the Settings tab under Group Permissions.

Next, you need to invite players to your group and Promote, Promote, Promote!!!

7. Let us know how many invites you want to send— We will increase your invite limit based on how many invites you want to send out. Msg the OpenSports Help Desk through chat.

8. Sent email invites to players that you already have emails for — Typically, groups have an email database and they either send an email blast through their email system, or insert a bulk list of emails into OpenSports’ email invite tool (Find this through the Invite tab). Most of our group admins use the OpenSports email invite tool. Here’s a short “how to” with instructions. Organizers tend to send invites a few days to a week before the first event.

9. Share via Social Media — If your group is public, share links to your group (and/or event) on different social media channels. You can post messages on your FB group like “Join this group to receive invites to our upcoming pickup games!!!”

10. Set up discounts — In a lot of sports markets, in order to gain traction, it’s very effective to create event promotions! It’s really easy to set up discounts like “the first time you play you get 50% off” or “$2 promotion for first game” — whatever it is that gets players over the initial hurdle and trying something new! Here’s some great discount ideas. Find this through the Payment tab.

Bonus: If the game is happening NO matter what, in the description, write that it’s a guaranteed game!

Game day — What to Expect

  • Players who joined your game will get an automated reminder message, 24 hours before the event starts. This will be a push notification for players who have the app, and an email for players who have an online account only.
  • The automatic waitlist turns on when your event fills up, and does all the work for you!
  • After your event, players will be prompted to leave you — the organizer — a review. This goes out whenever it is the first time a player participates in one of your events. Your reviews will show up in your group!

Our last piece of advice is to take beautiful photos!!! This will be helpful in terms of promoting your upcoming games — If you can get some closer up action shots, that would be great as well!

Photo from Sons of Pitches FC: