How do I set up automatic refunds and refund deadlines?

When you collect payment for your events through OpenSports, OpenSports will issue automatic refunds if players cancel by your Refund Deadline! The system will completely take care of it, unless you still want to send refunds manually.

Setting Up Automatic Refunds

  • In the Create an Event form (app or web) once you input the cost per ticket, “Collect Payment via OpenSports” will automatically be toggled ON
  • You’ll then have several options to choose between for the refund process. Choose what works for you and click save.
Specify your refund policy on a per-game basis, when you create the event.

The players who are about to join your event will be able to see the refund deadline (see both screen shots below):

Players’ view: When a player is about to join your event (on Web or App) they will be reminded about the Refund Deadline! If the refund deadline has passed, they will be reminded that if they join, they will not receive a refund if they cancel their spot.
  • If anyone cancels their RSVP within refund deadline, OpenSports will automatically refund them their payment. You won’t even need to click a button!


  • Refund policies are created on an event by event basis.
  • You cannot change a refund policy once you have created your event.
  • Manual refunds are still allowed.

Manual Refunds

You may want to send manual refunds:

  • If you (the organizer) cancel an event, because players won’t automatically get refunded
  • If there is a circumstance whereby a player requests a refund before/after an event

Read here to learn about how to easily send refunds manually.

Bulk refunds

Upcoming in August, 2019.

Do players get a notification when they receive a refund?

When players need to be refunded, they will receive this message in their OpenSports chat (or email, if they are set up to receive notifications via email). Note: Players will have to check their own bank account to monitor when they actually receive the refund. It takes 7–10 business days.