Making sports organization a breath of fresh air

You have the power to get more people moving, and we have an incredible tool to allow you to do so, easily. OpenSports is completely transforming the way you run your sports group, and the amount of fun you can have while doing so!

  • Create public or private groups
  • Connect to Stripe to accept payments on desktop and mobile
  • Send customizable group invites
  • Set up electronic waivers
  • Assign varying administrative roles
  • Photo gallery from past events
  • Group reviews & leaderboard
  • Interactive monthly calendar
  • Events widget for your website
  • Full app and web integration
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    Simple group set up

    OpenSports’ group creator tool allows you to create your group while you’re taking a break from the kids or work!

  • Create and edit your group photos and description on web or mobile
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  • Public groups are discoverable by players searching in your location
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  • Private groups can be joined by invite-only
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  • Make your group multi-sport or sport specific
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  • Built for facilities with drop-ins, sport and social clubs, single-sport groups, and friends
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    Administrative Roles so that you’re not running your group on your own

    Game Leaders…Co-Organizers…Co-Administrators…Site Managers…Event Hosts… Super Admins…No matter what you call the trusted members of your group who help you run your group and events, OpenSports allows you to assign or remove administrator roles with different permissions.


    Group Admin

    Full control over group and events

    Manage memberships and refunds


    Event Admin

    Full control over all group events including issuing refunds


    Event Manager

    Some control over events, attendees list and check-ins.


    Set up events that are the heart of your group



  • listSend personalized email invites
  • listCreate invite codes for private groups
  • listSend invites to phone contacts
  • listSimple sign up process
  • app


    Blast a note to everyone in your group! Send weekly newsletters, tell all of your group members about an upcoming tournament or league and include links to join, or send a discount code to everyone.

  • notif

    Chicago Fire Rec Soccer

    Just a reminder that CFRS has created a pickup membership that is LIFE CHANGING! $80 monthly for one year gets you unlimited pickups and full gym access at our facility including locker rooms!

  • reports

    Reports help you keep up with member engagement

    Gain actionable insights about your events, members, discounts, and revenue so that you can warm up new users with a discount; create loyalty programs and reward your most active players; reach out to members who never come to events; and ban frequent no-shows. The options are endless when you start to tap into analytics to understand how active your members are with your group!

  • Orders
  • View how many paid and free events players have been to

  • Check ins/No-shows
  • View who has joined the most games and who routinely cancels

  • Member Join Dates
  • View who your newest group members are, and how many members joined your group over a week, month, year, etc

  • Discounts Reports
  • View how many players have redeemed each discount that you set up, and track where players are coming from

  • Payments Reports
  • Reconcile your finances and see how much money you earned for each event and for all events within a specified period of time


    Pickup sports memberships

    Offer your players subscriptions to monthly or yearly memberships, or to a set number of sessions like an electronic drop-in pass! Set up a one-time membership fee or create auto-renew options, and watch as you boost player commitment and create recurring revenue!

    Since switching over to OpenSports, management has become so easy, members are happy with the fairness and automation that’s built in, and collecting payments has become a breeze.

    Pittsburgh Badminton

    Group Admin

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