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Enhanced Discount Configurations for Event Staff

October 27, 2023

We've made updates to how event staff are charged for events they're managing. Here are the detailed configurations:

  • Assigned Staff + Their Guests Receive Discount: Staff members assigned to an event can register and bring along any number of guests, all without any charges.
  • Assigned Staff Receive Discount: Staff members assigned to an event can register without paying their registration fees. However, standard charges will apply to any guests they bring along.
  • No Discount: Staff members assigned to an event will need to pay full price for themselves and any guests. Note that if you've set up discounts for staff separately, they'll be able to use those discounts automatically.

Note that the above discounts ONLY apply to staff assigned publicly or privately to events. Contact OpenSports Support with any questions.

Bulk Assign Home Team

October 12, 2023

You can now set the home team in bulk after selecting one or more matches from the match list. No notifications will be sent as a result of this operation.

Click the checkbox before either of the teams' name to mark that team as the home team. The un-checked team will be marked as the away team.

Two New League Reports

October 11, 2023

You'll find two new reports under the League and Tournament heading on the Reports page in the Admin Dashboard:

The Overview report gives a breakdown of revenue and number of registrations by UTM code. Analyze by source, campaign, or medium to optimize your marketing campaigns.

The Revenue report details the amount paid and refunded as well as the number of registered players and teams for each league / tournament.

Bulk Add & Update Event Photos

October 10, 2023
Go to the Events page in your Admin Dashboard and select events in bulk, tap edit, and specify a new event photo. We hope this saves you lots of time and keeps your photos looking fresh.

Flexible League and Tournament Refunds

October 6, 2023
Opt to give players account credits instead of direct refunds. They can utilize these account credits for future league, tournament, and event registrations.

Built-in Forfeit System

October 3, 2023

By setting up a forfeit configuration for your league or tournament, captains and admins will be able to forfeit upcoming matches. Once a match is forfeited, both players and assigned staff members will be instantly notified, so nobody has to have the awful experience of showing up to an empty field!

Sync Event Attendee Data Through Zapier

October 3, 2023
Use Zapier to create automated workflows that are triggered when players sign up for your events and programs, and sync your OpenSports data to any external platform, such as Mailchimp or Hubspot - no more manual exports!

App Marketing Banners

September 28, 2023

Introducing dynamic carousel banners and widgets on the app that can be used to feature leagues, events, and other promotional activities. Contact OpenSports Support for activation during beta.

Revamped Group Dashboard

September 15, 2023
Click the new Dashboard button on your public group page to quickly view group insights and access all admin-related information. This dashboard is the new home for all group-level reports, gives you an overview of how all sections of your business on the OpenSports platform are doing, and lets you quickly jump to your events, leagues, tournaments, and programs.

Match List Description

September 14, 2023

Admins can now show a markdown-enabled description at the top of the list of matches shown to players on the app, web, and any embedded schedules on your website. You can use this to inform players of when schedules will go live, or let them know of any other schedule-related information.

Multi Day / Multi Week Programs

September 5, 2023
Create events that have multiple sessions and allow players to sign up and commit to a set of sessions all in one go.

Waitlist Support After Event Start

August 31, 2023
Do you sometimes have a full event with a waitlist, but inevitably someone doesn't show up and you end up having an available spot after all? Event assistants can now select from users that are on the waitlist that have shown up and manually make it their turn to join. The user will get notified and have 5 minutes to pay.

Customizable Standings Templates

August 16, 2023

Take complete control over how the standings for your league and tournaments are displayed for your players using Standings Templates. Choose from one of our presets, or create your own Standings Template to customize which stats are shwon, how points are calculated, and how the standings are sorted, and then you can reuse that template for any league or tournament you want!

Staff Assignments Report

August 11, 2023
Visualize your staff members' schedules in both a grid view, or table view, and export all their assignments to easily calculate employee payrolls. Contact OpenSports Support for activation during beta.