Embed Your PickUp Soccer Schedule: Increase Traffic to Your Website

How to get an interactive listing of your pickup games now

Creating a better online experience for visitors to your website is at the forefront of priorities for most sports organizations. You want people to see that your facility offers fun, competitive, and affordable opportunities to play sports, for different age groups. So what is the best way to display all of this information!

I want you to check out this new website widget, which not only lists all of your upcoming pickup events in a digitally alluring way, but also allows players to join your games online. This will allow you to see how many players are coming, communicate with all of them, and even collect and manage payments.

Here is a player’s view of your upcoming games, on your website. The player can filter your facility’s games by sport, day of week, and time, to find exactly what they are looking for.

Note: Toronto PickUp Sports Centre is a pseudonym so don’t bother googling it!

If a player clicks on More Info, this brings them to your game details page where they can join the game online.

Here’s how to set this up, really quickly:

Once you have created an OpenSports Profile for your facility and listed some games, log in to www.opensports.net and click embed these games and copy the code to your website.

Voila! You have just turned your static website pickup page into an interactive and engaging tool that allows players to join your games!

All the best for now,


If you have questions, please e-mail me at alicia@opensports.ca