How to collect payments for your events electronically

Cards we accept, how to get paid out, manual and automatic refunds, and a payments received dashboard!

OpenSports uses a payment system called Stripe that is fully integrated with our platform (web + iOS and Android app) so you can seamlessly collect payments at a lower cost than other platforms that help you collect payment for your events.

Collecting payment through OpenSports:

Note: the process is very similar on the App and on Web!

  1. When you are in the “Create an Event” screen, input a price, or prices if you open up different spots.
Note: you can make some spots Free (leave the “Price” field black), and some spots paid.

2. The option to “Collect Payment via OpenSports” will automatically toggle ON. For more info on our low transaction fees, read here.

3. If you are a first time organizer collecting payment, your game will be pending approval from OpenSports. We will contact you before we approve your game. Once it is approved, it is live and players can start joining.

Accepted Cards (USA): Players can pay with almost all major Debit or Credit Card.

Accepted Cards (Canada): Players can pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express (Debit not accepted at the moment).

Payouts/Obtaining funds after your event:

🇺🇸Groups in the US — Stripe Direct Deposit:

In order to set your Group up for direct deposit, you must connect your OpenSports Account to Stripe:

Go to your Group’s Page > Click “Payment” > Click “Link to Bank Account” > You will be re-routed to a secure page that allows you to simply set up automatic payments from OpenSports.

Connect your OpenSports account with Stripe, through your Group page.
Setting up direct deposits is very easy through the OpenSports x Stripe direct deposit system.

Note: For Stripe connected accounts, ONLY the Group Admins have access to linking payment to a bank account. All paid events created under a Group will go to that Group’s bank account.

🇨🇦Groups in Canada Interac E-Transfer:

Once the funds are collected on OpenSports, they will be sent to you via an electronic transfer. We send payment to event organizers biweekly.

International Groups:

If you are from any countries other than Canada and USA, please email for more info about receiving your payments!

Automatic and Manual Refunds:

Automatic Refunds

When you collect payment for your events through OpenSports, OpenSports will issue automatic refunds if players cancel by your Refund Deadline! Read more about automatic refunds here.

Specify your refund policy on a per-game basis, when you create the event.

Manual Refunds

Tap on “Manage game” > “View Details” > “Refund” for whoever you want to refund. That’s it!

Bulk refunds

Upcoming in May, 2018.

Payments Received Dashboard (Web; US Groups Only right now):

Go to the “Payment” tab in your group > Click “View Account Balance” to see your Stripe Dashboard:

The stripe Dashboard clearly indicates how much money you have made and how much you are still owed.


  1. Create a Group and Post a game!
  2. We’ll review it, check with you on how you want to receive payouts, and approve your game. This is a one time process per account.
  3. Send invites, start playing and collecting money!

Now you’re ready to collect payment!

If you want to learn more about our small 5% + $0.30 transaction fee (per ticket), read here!

Questions? We are available every day to walk you through the steps if there are any issues. E-mail