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The all-in-one pickup sports platform for the mobile first era of sports management.

All in one sports management

For groups that need efficiency and scalability

If you’re comparing sports management platforms, OpenSports is in a league of its own. OpenSports is the first 3-in-one web and app platform that features support for leagues, tournaments, pickup games (and even eSports!). OpenSports makes organization, management and registration effortless for admins and fun for players!

Adapting to our new sports reality

New policies and protocols around return to play mean new game formats and modern technological needs. Pickup games offer the convenience that players are looking for by making it easier to join one-off games without committing to a league. OpenSports is here to help you run a cashless, contactless, safe and streamlined sports organization.

Run pickup games at capacity every time

Forward thinking sports clubs don’t just run leagues, they constantly introduce new members to their club through pickup games and rely on OpenSports’ event creation, registration, attendee management, and communication tools to easily run pickup sports games that are a repeatable source of revenue.


Optimized for mobile

Enjoy a unified web + app experience with the flexibility of managing everything on the fly including check-ins at the event location. Give your players the gift of going mobile by making it easy to register, receive important notifications, and get playing!


Streamlined payment collection

Customers can easily pay for registration using all major credit cards, Apple Pay or Google Pay. Funds are deposited directly into your bank account through our payment gateway, Stripe.


Attendee management

Direct messaging and event chat make communication effortless. Our best-in-class automatic waitlist and refund deadline features work to reduce no-shows and will save you tens of hours per week, giving you more time back.

The modernization of leagues and tournaments

If you are a sports club that strives to innovate, to give players a unique experience, to cut out menial admin work, and to grow, our brand new leagues and tournaments app will WOW you with its beauty, simplicity, and automation.

League set up

Set up registration dates, min and max teams, team or individual cost, open free agent spots

Payment splitter

Allow captains to split payment or foot the whole team cost

Game scheduler

Schedule tens or hundreds of games at once with OpenSports’ recurring games tool


Set up round robins and knockout rounds for playoffs and tournaments

Playoff administration

Select how many teams advance to playoffs and automatically generate an interactive playoffs bracket using standings data from the league!


Automatically update as scores and stats are entered

Data & promotions

Reports will help you cross promote leagues with pickup programs, and offer discounts to new or loyal players


Players can interact with their teams, captains can communicate with each other, and league admins can easily communicate with individuals, teams, or all players in a league


Upcoming game notifications, scheduling repeat games, filling the schedule with teams, standings updates, and knockout round advancements are a few of the many tasks that are totally automated

The new standard for sports groups, globally

Sports clubs from around the world come to OpenSports hungry for a platform that cuts out all of the chaos of using multiple clunky tools. We payout millions of dollars annually to organizers ranging from small pickup soccer groups to large sport and social clubs to NHL facilities.


Orders per year


App Store rating


Currencies supported

World Class Waitlist

Save hours of repetitive work every week by letting our waitlist automatically track drop-outs and instantly fill available spots with waitlisted players.

Double opt-in (players receive a notification & press join)

Ability to “cancel waitlist” and open spots to everyone

Blackout period lets players sleep without missing their spot

Instant notifications through app and email

  • notif
    Alex Joseph’s waitlist spot for Thursday Volleyball has opened. He has 2 hours to join.
    1 hour ago
  • notif
    Abram joined Thursday Volleyball.
    2 hours ago
  • notif
    Ade joined the waitlist for Thursday Volleyball.
    3 hours ago
  • notif
    Alexandra joined Monday Volleyball.
    4 hours ago

Tools built for sports organizations, all in one complete package

Whether you want to sell a 10-game “class pass”, or monthly pickup subscriptions, OpenSports supports a variety of membership and discount types. Our waitlist continues to be an exceptional time saving solution. Learn more about some of our most loved features!

Groups that think we are easily the best sports app ever

Pittsburgh Badminton

Since switching over to OpenSports, management has become so easy, members are happy with the fairness and automation that’s built in, and collecting payments has become a breeze.

Group Admin


OpenSports Powers Innovative Leagues, Clubs, Non-Profits, & Enterprises