Add Co-Organizers and Co-Admins to your Group or Events

1 admin, 2 admin, 3 admin, 4! You don’t have to do it alone anymore🙌

Game LeadersCo-OrganizersCo-AdministratorsSite ManagersEvent HostsSuper Admins…No matter what you call the trusted members of your group who help you run your sports/fitness groups and events…The Multiple Admin Roles feature is available on OpenSports!

Instead of having one single admin for your entire group, there are now 3 tiers of roles that can be assigned: Group Admins, Event Admins, and Event Managers.

Admin Roles: Different Permissions📝

The chart below details the specific group-level and event-level permissions for each different admin role:

  • Event Managers can do most things at the event level such as edit, repeat, and delete events, view and delete event attendees, and check players in, but cannot issue refunds.
  • Event Admins have a bit more permission, including the ability to issue refunds for events, and add other event admins and managers to events. However, they can’t change group level settings (i.e., waivers, access codes, group details, group admins).
  • Group Admins have control over your entire group and your events within your group. You can assign multiple Group Admins to your group.
  • Group Admins, Event Admins, and Event Managers have access to event chats for all the events within the group.

How to assign these roles to members in your group:

  • Go to your Group > Settings > Admin Roles
  • You’ll see the three different admin roles: Group Admin, Event Admin, and Event Manager
  • Click “Add User” and type in the name of the Group member who you want to assign that role to. Click Add and you’ll see a check mark next to their name!

If you only want to assign Event Managers/Event Admins to specific games

Right now, you can only do this through the OpenSports website.

Once you have created your game, on the game details page, click on “Admin Roles” which will open a page that allows you to Add members of your group and/or game attendees, to the Event Manager or Event Administrator roles. Read below to see the breakdown of permissions for those roles.

Now you won’t be alone! If you have some trusted members of your group who are ready to take on the role of being one of three different admins, get ready for your group to run so much smoother 😬🍰!

If you have any questions on our admin roles feature, please feel free to email me at ❤