How to check-in players at an event

OpenSports has the easiest way to record who showed up at your event!

Goodbye clipboard-with-pen-and-paper check-ins! Now with OpenSports (web and app), you can tap on the list of attendees on your smartphone to check them in! Just follow these simple steps:

Check-in process

  • Go to your event (on web or app) > Click on your Attendees List (the round bubbles with players’ photos)> Click on “Check-in” for the players that are at your event
  • You can go back and modify your check-in list at any time!!

Note: You have to have the Check-in permission in order to check-in attendees. If you are a Group Admin, or the Event Admin or Event Manager for a Group, you’ll be able to check-in attendees for events within the group. You will also be able to see who checked the attendee in.

Tip: When checking in attendees, you use the search bar to quickly find names.

Where Can I see a Record of Check-Ins for my Events?

If you are consistently using the check-in function to track your attendees, you will evidently want access to a reporting system/portal to view useful info about how many games a player has attended, how many times they have cancelled their RSVP or not shown up, how many times they have accepted a Waitlist offer, etc. There is currently no display of that information to you (the group or event administrator), but the information does get stored so that we can generate whatever report you want. Eventually, we will make available whatever reports you want under one of your Group tabs.

We are in the process of building out these features so that they are increasingly more useful for you!

What About Tracking No Shows?

We will continue to build upon the current check-in system to make sure you can track checked-in players and we are currently working on a better way to track no-shows to your events! If you are struggling with a high number of no shows, we recommend collecting payment for your event in advance through OpenSports and creating automatic refund deadlines!

If you have any other questions on the check-in feature, feel free to email me at :)