How to export your attendees list & custom questions

OpenSports now has support for exporting the attendee list along with the custom question responses on the Manage Users page.

How to export your attendees list (and their answers to the custom questions) from the web

  1. Go to the event you created
  2. Click on Manage Users
  3. Click Export Attendees to get a downloadable list of all the data


  • Order ID — each order placed through OpenSports has a unique order ID. If a player purchases a ticket for themselves and a guest, both of those tickets will be recorded in separate rows, but will have the same order ID (see the last two rows of the screenshot above)
  • Purchaser User ID — The OpenSports user ID of the player who purchased the ticket (s)
  • Attendee User ID — if someone has been added as a guest (and therefore has not joined through an OpenSports account), this field will be blank.
  • Is Guest (aka are they a guest of the ticket purchaser?) — If this field says “TRUE” that means the attendee is the guest. If it says FALSE, that means the attendee is the ticket purchaser. I.e., if you buy a ticket for Adriano and enter in his name as an attendee, then Is Guest would be false for you and true for him.

Date created

You will see a lot of numbers in this field!

  • The first 8 numbers (i.e., 2020–07–07) are the YYYY/MM/DD of ticket purchase.
  • The next numbers are the UTC time stamp (i.e., 20:15:09)
  • Do not worry about the following numbers!

How to view answers to Custom Questions

If you created custom questions, they will also be included in the same spreadsheet, in the column next to “Is Guest”?

For example, if the three custom questions are “emergency contact numbers”; “what is your t-shirt size?”l and “what is your preferred position?” then each attendees answers will be included in the same row as the rest of their data.

That’s it! If you have any questions about exporting or viewing or interpreting any of this data, send us an email at

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