How do I create a group?

Post events, invite all your regulars in one click, collect payment, and promote your events to other locals looking for events

Any sports or fitness group, large or small, including pickup soccer, volleyball, basketball, shinny, yoga, hiking, running, etc., can create a group (for free!) on the OpenSports website for a better way to post games, invite all the regulars in one click, invite more players from the broader OpenSports community of players, see who is coming, communicate with everyone, and collect money!

Before you learn how to create your own group, check out one of the largest soccer clubs in the US that uses OpenSports to post paid pickup games and look for subs for their leagues: Chicago Fire Recreational Soccer Club.

How to Create a Group

Groups can be created on the OpenSports website, and the mobile app through your Player Profile when you go to the Groups tab.

If you make your group public, anyone will be able to join, and public games that are posted in the group become visible on the OpenSports game page.

If the group is private (invite-only), the group administrator(s) must invite players to the group, and the games will not show up on the OpenSports game page (unless they are public games). Private groups are invite-only and are invisible to non-members.

If you create a group, you will automatically become the group administrator, and you can assign other administrative roles once there are other members in your group.

Next Steps

Steps from creating your group to hosting events!

Once you fill in the basic information about your group, you can create your first event and then send friends/teammates an invite to your group. They don’t even have to download the app to join your group — they will still receive all relevant notifications through emails!