How to create an OpenSports group

Create a group on OpenSports for a better way to run activities, collect payments, and grow your sports and fitness group

OpenSports provides flexible features for running your sports and fitness group. This article will show you how to create a group on the OpenSports website and app (we recommend using the OpenSports website for group set-up).

How to create a group

Group Information

  1. Log in to the OpenSports website and click on Create a Group.
  2. Add a header photo and group name. A custom URL will be automatically generated based on your group name. You can find image sizing recommendations here.
  3. Groups are made public by default, allowing anyone to join. Public group activities are posted on the OpenSports app home page.
  4. To hide your group from non-members (i.e., make your group invite-only), click the Make group private checkbox under your custom group URL.
  5. Add information about your group in the Group Description section.
    • This section is markdown enabled, so get creative and promote your group! Here is a Markdown cheat-sheet to help you get started.
    • You can see how your description will appear in the Preview tab.
    • Add more group information to encourage users to join your group and to streamline the OpenSports approval process.
  6. Add your Group Location. This information is used to determine the primary time zone used for your group. If your group is public, your activities will be shown to local OpenSports users.
  7. Select the fitness activities or sport(s) that your group organizes. You can select as many as needed from the drop-down list.
  8. Add your contact information and group website or social media page. This will be used to help approve your group, and will be linked on your group page on the OpenSports website.

Subscription Fees

Our different subscription plans are made for groups large and small. Check out the different features included in each plan and select the one that best fits your needs.

Once you complete your group registration, your information is sent to the OpenSports team for approval.

Default Admin Role

When you create your group, you are automatically assigned the Group Admin role for this group. This gives you full access to all everything in your group by default.

Finalizing Your Group Set-up

Check out the links below for guides to getting your group up and running

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