How to Invite People to Your Public Group on OpenSports!

Watch your group grow quickly so that you can start posting sports and fitness events!

Having a public group on OpenSports with members means you can easily post events and invite everybody in your group in one click (or invite lists of specific members within your group, if you want to get super high tech!).

If you just created a group and want to know how to invite people to it, there are three easy ways gain members right away.

Photo by Justyn Warner on Unsplash

Option 1: Share your group’s URL:

  • Simply copy your group URL from your web browser and paste it into any platform such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Meetup, or any other platform
  • When someone clicks on the URL, they are brought to your group and can click “Join”
  • Once you have members in your group, whenever you post an event, you will be prompted to invite people. Just click “Select All” under your group’s tab, and everyone will be invited!

Option 2: Inviting people via email:

  • Go to your group page
  • Scroll down to the tabs and click “Invite
  • Type in the email(s) of anyone you want to invite (separated by space, or a comma); then press send.
  • They will receive a notification in their inbox that looks similar to the one below and will be able to join your group!

Option 3: Inviting Local OpenSports Users:

This feature is super cool if you live in a city with a lot of OpenSports player who play your sport!

  • Go to your Group’s page
  • Scroll down to the tabs and click “Invite
  • Click on “OpenSports Users
  • Search a users name by typing it in; or you can scroll through the names of local people who play your sport
  • Once your finished, click invite and they will receive a notification through the app or through email (if they do not have the app)!

Now you’re ready to host tons of sports and fitness events! If you are moving your group from a platform like Meetup to OpenSports, give that post a read… it explains how to facilitate the transition from MU to OpenSports, and how some other groups have done it so far!

Your friends at OpenSports, Alex and Alicia 💚

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