What is the best way to invite players to my private group?

Simple steps to start bringing your members to your private sports or fitness group!

Note: If your group is public, please skip over to this how-to guide.

Once you have created a group, you can either send people a unique invite code (web and app compatible), or invite everybody via e-mail. Both options work the same way by directing the invitees to your group so they can join!

1. Create and Sending a Unique Invite Code:

Creating an Invite Code through the Web

  • Click on the “Invite” tab on your group’s home page > Click on “Invite Codes” > Create your unique code > Click “Add Code” to generate a URL
  • Copy and paste the URL to any platform (Whatsapp, email, etc.) to start inviting members to your group!

Creating an Invite Code through the App:

  • Go to your Group’s page through your Player Profile > Click on the menu with the three dots in the top right corner > Click on “Invite Codes” > Add a code > Tap on the Link icon to copy the code.
  • Paste the link to any platform (Whatsapp, email, etc.) to start inviting members!

2. Inviting Players via E-mail Addresses (Web):

Works for public and private groups

  • Go to your Group’s home page> Under the “Invite” tab, click “By Emails”
You can add custom text to your email invite, when you invite members to your group through the website.
  • You can add as many emails as possible in the text box, separated by commas or by pressing enter.

Inviting Players via E-mail Addresses (App):

Works for public and private groups

  • Go to your group (go to your player profile > Click on the Groups tab)
  • Click on the Invite icon > Tap on the Address book tab > Type in the email address> Click the Invite button >Add the next email address, etc.
  • Once you have added all of the email addresses, Click on View Invite List, which will display how many email addresses you have added.
  • You will be able to review the email addresses one last time before clicking Send
  • Players will receive an email invite to your group that looks similar to the one below and will be able to join your group:

TIP: If you are moving your group from a platform like Meetup to OpenSports, check out our “We are switching platforms” email template here. This is the best set of step by step instructions that you can send your members about how to sign up for OpenSports.

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If you have any questions on how to invite members through your private group, feel free to email me: alicia@opensports.net

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