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James Veccie

Adult Leagues & Operations Manager @ Soccer in the Streets
Visit for league and pickup information, and follow the Soccer in the Streets group here on OpenSports to see updates on all of our Adult Leagues and Pickup games around the city!

ATL UTD, BVB. Come find our green Soccer in the Streets tent at Atlanta United tailgates and say hello!
Intermediate Soccer
Hi, I'm James Veccie, the Adult League Manager for Soccer in the Streets. We're a non-profit that seeks to provide opportunity through access to free soccer for youth players in Atlanta. We do this in part by building and operating 5 a side pitches at MARTA stations, and creating free community centered Soccer programs at these same stations. It ties together transit and sport to give access to youth players that otherwise may not have the opportunity. The Adult Leagues and Pickup we operate at the same locations (Lindbergh, West End, East Point, 5 Points, and Kensington Stations) allow us to provide the same great quality of play and pitch to adults, and the entry fees directly benefit the youth programs, allowing us to add more stations and continue to grow. For more information, please visit or send me a message here on OpenSports! You can also just find me on the pitch at pickup or leagues around the city and say hello. Just don't meg me please!

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Beginner Hockey
I'm looking to play hockey with others.

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