Congrats on becoming an Event Administrator. Here’s a few things you should know!

So you’ve been assigned as an Event Administrator for a group on OpenSports? Congrats!

This chart details which event management tools you have access to as an Event Administrator, in addition to having access to event chats for all the events within your group!

You can read more about different admin roles here.

Here are a few important things you should know before your first event:

1. How to check-in attendees

  • Go to your event (on web or app) > Click on Check-In Attendees > Click on “Check-in” for the players that are at your event
  • You can go back and modify your check-in list at any time!!

Tip: When checking in attendees, you use the search bar to quickly find names!

2. How to view (and remove) attendees

Go to your event > click on “Manage Users” > Under the “Attending” Tab, look for the name of the player and swipe from left to right on their name (you can do this on web, too) > Tap “Remove Order” and you will be prompted to add a message about why you removed them, if you’d like.

The player will automatically be removed from the event chat, as well. They will automatically be refunded if you removed them by the refund deadline.

App view: Removing an attendee

3. About the automatic waitlist

When an event fills up, the OpenSports waitlist turns on, and automatically monitors and coordinates RSVP’s for you. Here’s how:

  • If your event fills, people will be able to click “Join Waitlist” (on App & Web)
  • If someone in your event cancels their RSVP, the first person on the waitlist will receive an email and a push notification from OpenSports, asking if he or she would like the available spot
  • If you need to quickly fill up a bunch of spots at the last minute, you can cancel the waitlist (click here to read about how to cancel the waitlist).
  • The waitlist “blackout” period is there from 10pm to 9am as long as the event is more than 16 hours away. This means that if a spot on the waitlist opens at 10:01pm, the first person on the waitlist will have until 9am to respond, in case they fell asleep!
  • View who is on the waitlist by going to your event and clicking on “Manage Users”

Note: Nobody (not even the group admin) can re-arrange the waitlist.

4. Sending Refunds

Go to your event > Tap on “Manage Users” > Under the Attending list, swipe from left to right on the name of the player you want to refund > Click “Refund Order”. That’s it! The player will get a notification (app or email) as soon as the refund is issued and the money will go into their bank account in 7–10 business days.

Read about how to send refunds via the web here.

5. Reminders, Reviews, and Repeats!

  • Players who join your games will get an automated reminder message about he upcoming event, 24 hours before it starts, through the app or email depending on if they are using the app or web.
  • We always prompt players to leave you a review after their first game that you organize; these will help build your credibility as an organizer! This review will live at two levels: your own player profile, and the group level.
  • To easily post the event again, you can click “repeat event”, and all of the same info will auto-fill for one week later!

Managing pickup events is a lot of fun, and is made so much easier with OpenSports’ simple but sophisticated suite of sports specific tools (how’s that for a tongue twister 😝)! If you have any questions or feedback, let me know at

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