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Novice: NTRP 3.5 Tennis
I'm looking to play tennis with other players.

Updated 2 months ago

Advanced Soccer
Bot is chipper today πŸ€– Message me if you want to have a cheerful chat or just to find sports.

Updated 2 years ago

Beginner Ice Skating
I'm looking to go ice skating with others.

Updated a year ago

Beginner Pickleball
I'm looking to play pickleball with other players.

Updated 5 years ago

Just learning to play hockey

Updated 10 months ago

Intermediate Rugby
I'm looking to play rugby with other players.
Beginner Cricket
Inline Skating
Just learning

Updated 10 months ago

Advanced Esports
I'm looking to play esports with others.

Updated a year ago

Beginner Figure skating
I'm looking to go figure skating with others.

Updated a year ago