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BB Indoor Volleyball
I'm looking to play volleyball.

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Mid-Atlantic Volleyball and More!

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You work hard...  Play hard too!  Join our recreational sports and social events group for the Mid-Atlantic area!   We were formed out of the need (desire?) for more pick-up volleyball games in the Wilmington/Newark area, and have grown to members all over the region with a variety of interests including hiking, tennis, and beer. While we mainly host volleyball events, other events are welcome too - kickball, softball, archery, hikes, local beach trips and more. Anything social, active, and fun! Feel free to post your own events as well, whether you're setting up a day-long tournament or just want to find someone to play tennis with! We originated as a Meetup: And have a Facebook group as well: ­ Thanks, and we look forward to meeting you!

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Geek Volleyball

79 members

Welcome to Geek Sports Club. We do Pick-up volleyball and badminton few times a week. Please join to get notified of our games.

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