Evan G.
  • 6 sports
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Intermediate: NTRP 4.0 Tennis
I'm looking to play tennis with others.

Updated a year ago

Intermediate Soccer
I'm looking to play soccer with others.

Updated a year ago

Advanced Ultimate
I'm looking to play ultimate with others.

Updated a year ago

Intermediate Ice Skating
I'm looking to go ice skating with others.

Updated a year ago

A Indoor Volleyball
I'm looking to play indoor volleyball with people.

Updated a year ago

BB Grass Volleyball
I'm looking to play grass volleyball with others.

Updated 2 years ago


Philadelphia Volleyball

5415 members

We are the leading group for organized adult volleyball in the Philadelphia area. We are member-supported, led by volunteers, and organize in neighborhood gyms and parks all around the city.

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Lloyd Hall Recreation

1600 members

Lloyd Hall Recreation Center on Boathouse Row in the Fairmount section of Philadelphia.

Some of the activities we offer:

Full court basketball

Fitness classes

Adult Rowing lessons


Adaptive Yoga


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TNT Volleyball Philly & Rainbow Volleyball

918 members

TNT Volleyball is organized pickup run by TNT Volleyball Philly Club located at the TNT Bunker in North Wales.

Rainbow Volleyball is organized pickup events and tournaments with a focus on Inclusivity and the Enjoyment of all Participants - hosting primarily in the King of Prussia region.

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Adult Recreation soccer

133 members

Play once a week. Burn calories, stay fit !! Free to join, more the merrier!!!

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Cabrini pickup

83 members

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