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Intermediate Soccer
Intermediate player trying to get more practice and more touches in.

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Sons of Pitches FC - Pickup Soccer

8796 members

Welcome to SOPFC! We are an Atlanta-based, community-driven club that meets at premium turf fields under stadium lights to play friendly, organized, daily pickup soccer games and 7v7 leagues. Learn more about our club and join leagues as a Free Agent or Captain at sopfc.com.

🙌 Invite or Pay for a Friend: Share events with friends, or pay for a guest when you join.

⏰ Arrive on Time: Players must check in within 15 minutes of the event start time.

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BASL Northeast Florida Soccer

2699 members

This is a group created specifically for the administration and management of Adult Soccer in the state of Florida.

Pickup Soccer

Corporate Soccer League Challenges

Various Adult Soccer Leagues in the Northeast Florida area

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StationSoccer - Soccer in the Streets

3874 members

Adult 5v5 Pick-Up & Leagues for all at StationSoccer locations based at MARTA stations (West End, Lindbergh, East Point, 5 Points, and Kensington, East Lake). All proceeds support our Soccer in the Streets free youth soccer & development programs.

Must be 18+ to play in the adult leagues and pickups listed in this group.

For questions or for more information about adult leagues, private rentals, or hosting an event/tournament, please contact James Veccie at james@soccerstreets.org

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Gwinnett Active

269 members

Thanks for visiting GA! In our group you can:

• Train Smart: Group or Personal sessions; focusing on body-mind development, overall health, and improvement for your life.
• Join Pickups: Recreational games/activities; where you can meet new people, workout, and have fun at different Gwinnett Parks.
• Do Community: Gatherings or events for sports enthusiasts; where you can connect even more with the Gwinnett Community.

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👥️️Community Events

Contact us to host your event in Gwinnett!

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