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Toronto Pickup Soccer / Football Group

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**COVID-19 UPDATE: Due to COVID-19 we are cancelling all upcoming March/April events on OpenSports and have suspended the ability to create events on OpenSports. As a sports community this is a really difficult decision but it’s in everybody’s best interest to maintain social distancing. I know we all miss the beautiful game a lot. Thank you for being a continued supporter of OpenSports. Be well, everyone. Alicia** Hello! Welcome to our Toronto Soccer community🤗 Join this group to get notified about several pickup games per week, at different fields around the city! Some free, some paid. See you on the pitch 👌⚽️ ***GAME CREATORS***: YOU can also create pickup soccer games here, and invite up to 60 players. You can also start your own public group. If you need help inviting more please message me (Alicia) and I will try to help. 👊💜lets have futbol all around the city!

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Canoe Landing Pickup Soccer Toronto

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Hello! Welcome to our Canoe Landing Group👌 Join this group to get notified about weekly pickup games at Canoe Landing at City Place (Turf)! YOU can also create pickup soccer games here, and instantly invite everyone in the group! Msg Admins if you have questions

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