Manage every aspect of your tournament, without the whiteboards

OpenSports gives organizers the power to create, schedule, and manage tournaments, while taking care of registrations, standings, and advancement for you.

The day-of tournament experience, reimagined

Managing a tournament on site can often feel hectic for field managers and players. With the OpenSports app, it is easy to make quick changes on game day and keep everybody in the loop.


Who am I playing next? How has that team performed? Live standings and match updates allow players to immerse themselves in the tournament experience at a deeper level! Players feel at ease knowing they will receive the schedule in advance and be notified of changes.


Rain delay? Refs are late? Site changes? Easily shuffle things around for quick on the fly fixes! Players are notified about changes through notifications and emails, and don’t spend their time running back and forth to the whiteboard to view tournament updates.


Have all of my teammates paid? When will our first match be? Players have all of the information they need through the app, taking the strain off the captain. Captains have less responsibility to remind teammates about payments, upcoming games, and standings.

Choose a structure

  • Two stage (round robin + knockout)
  • Single elimination
  • Multiple pools

Open up registrations

  • Set up tickets and registration deadlines
  • Pricing model flexibility: Set up per team or per player fees registration options
  • Captains register teams
  • Captains generate shareable registration links for teammates
  • Players seamlessly register and get instant access to team and league info

Schedule & edit matches

  • Build your schedule in seconds!
  • Our smart algorithm calculates number of matches needed
  • Enter facilities, fields, dates, times and OpenSports instantly generates a schedule
  • OpenSports automatically randomizes the matches for you, and spaces them out
  • Easily edit and delete matches, swap teams, create byes

Bracket generator

  • Select structure of knockout rounds
  • Select how many teams per pool advance to knockouts
  • Create knockout schedule which instantly generates a bracket
  • Automatic or manual seeding of teams
  • Review everything with OpenSports’ modern “preview bracket” tool

Scores, standings & advancement

  • Delegate score reporting permissions to captains or refs
  • Standings and brackets update as soon as scores are reported
  • Match winners auto-advance to the next round
  • Players receive push notifications as matches are updated
  • All participants can view the live updating bracket

Tournaments can be better managed through phones. Period.

With OpenSports, you can set up and manage a tournament completely from your smartphone, and give your players the gift of being totally in the loop on tournament day.

  • notif
    Congrats. You’ve moved on to the quarter finals!
    1 hour ago
  • notif
    Royal Blues are in second place
    2 hours ago
  • notif
    Your 6 pm game is rescheduled to 7 pm
    3 hours ago
  • notif
    You play Two Left Feet at 7 pm
    4 hours ago
  • Make it as easy as possible for players to register, join a team, and receive updates
  • Players are always on their smartphones and want game day updates on mobile
  • Scheduling edits can be made by admins on the fly on tournament day
  • Online player cards with photos allow for digital check-in and validation
  • High volume schedule importing is coming in 2021

Introduce tournament players to leagues and pickup games

OpenSports is the only tournament management platform that also powers pickup games, leagues, and memberships. Take advantage by offering multiple types of programming through one unified system.

  • All of your tournament, pickup, and league players, all in one system
  • If you have extra field time, easily create pickup games!
  • Invite tournament players to leagues as free agents and grow your league base
  • Easy toggling between league, tournament, and pickup programming
  • Comprehensive reports generate actionable data to understand players better and increase player participation and grow your player base to new heights!

Our customer service is truly second to none

We don’t want to brag but…our customers always tell us what a refreshing delight it is to work with a company that is so responsive and helpful! We work with our organizers at a deep level because we want to develop the platform of your dreams, and we can only accomplish that by listening to you and building for your needs!