General Info

How much does the app cost?
There is no software to buy, no set-up fee, and no hosting fees. The only time money comes through the app is when YOU are collecting payment.

So…How do you make money!?
Check out our collecting payment section to learn more about transaction fees.

When did you launch the app?
June 2016.

What are your most popular sports?
We have some big Soccer, Volleyball, Hockey, and Basketball groups! Our app is made for all sports :)

Is this app only for Toronto?
No. Toronto is where we launched. We have since then significantly expanded our market from Toronto to select American cities through sports groups in those cities. We are always gaining new sports and fitness groups in different cities!

Which cities are you in?
Everywhere from swimming and basketball groups in the UK, to big racquet sports facilities Illinois, to pickup soccer, volleyball and basketball groups in Chicago, Germany, Massachusetts, Philadelphia, Florida, Alabama, and Toronto.

What is the breakdown of users (by sport)?
When we started the largest group of OpenSports users were soccer players because we focused our launch on the beautiful soccer community. We have since onboarded large volleyball, hockey, and soccer groups across the USA, and basketball groups in the UK.

I want to invite people to my group and events, but not everybody uses apps…
No problem! Players can join groups/events through the web without downloading the app. Organizers can also use the web or app to manage their group and events.

How to switch to OpenSports from Meetup (and other platforms)

The cost of Meetup is driving me nuts. I was looking for an alternative so I came here. What is the cost difference?
OpenSports is FREE to use. There is no cost to organize a group or to organize events on OpenSports. Meetup charges monthly fees and they base pricing on the number of people in the group, regardless if they actually show up or not. Now you’re wondering how we make money? We collect 5% + 30 cents per transaction through the platform. More about that in the Collecting Payment section.

How do your transaction fees compare to Meetup or Eventbrite?
The table below, shows a simple comparison of what you, as an organizer, will make from every $5, $10, and $25 ticket you sell through these three apps. Bottom line: Your payout from collecting payment through OpenSports always makes you more money. Click hereto learn more about transaction fees on each platform.

How long would it take to move my group from Meetup to OpenSports?
The process of bringing your group on board is intentionally not an overnight one, and typically takes up to one month to catch all of your regular members and fully switch over to OpenSports.
We recommend you run your events both on MU and OpenSports in the beginning (keep having meetups, but decrease the number of spots to zero and post the link to your event on OpenSports so that people must join there). Eventually, all of your members will be able to convert over. We wrote more about how easy it is to bring your Meetup group to OpenSports here. Oh! And we will help you every step of the way--if you’d like!

I’m concerned about losing our main source of new members since Meetup brings me a lot of group members. How will I get new members to my OpenSports Group?
The fact that meetup gets your group so many members is a blessing and a curse. It’s nice to see your group “organically” growing… but you have to pay a larger subscription fee when you have more group members, and from what we’ve heard, about 90% of your meetup group members will never show up, meaning you’re paying for lurkers!
In later 2018, we will be launching a paid feature for organizers to promote their groups on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc so that they can continue to receive new members for a small fee. Our learnings in the advertising space will make this very cost effective as opposed to organizers having to set up ads themselves.

TIP We have found that ensuring the event title and description contain the keywords that potential new members search for, such as "Toronto PickUp Soccer" is helpful at boosting SEO.

Collecting payment

Why should I use OpenSports to collect payment from players?
Annoyed with no-shows? Players are significantly more likely to show up if they paid through the app. Plus, no more collecting cash from individual players. Paying through the app is seamless for users!

What does the Transaction Fee of 5% + $0.30 per player mean?
When users pay for your events through the app, OpenSports charges a 5% + $0.30 transaction processing fee for every payment you collect.

Which currencies do you collect money in?
OpenSports now accepts Euros and British Pounds, in addition to Canadian and US dollars (and more currencies are coming soon!)

If players pay me through the app, how do I receive my money?
OpenSports will send you your money via an e-transfer, within 72 hours of when your event happens. If you want to discuss more about collecting money through the app/website, contact alicia@opensports.net.

Can I collect some credit card payments through OpenSports and some cash payments at my event?
If you select “Collect payment through OpenSports” while creating your event, you can open up a few spots and call them “Cash Spots” and set the dollar amount to $0 for those spots, if you’d like a few players to have the option to pay cash.

Which credit card companies can players use to send payment?
Visa, Mastercard, and AMEX.

If the event is cancelled, how do I refund players who paid on the App?
Issuing refunds can be done automatically or manually.
Automatic: If you'd like to set up automatic refunds for your event, just select the refund deadline when you are creating your event. Also see our blog for more details.
Manual: You can also issue manual refunds through the app/website. On the website it's under "Manage Users" and "Balance". In the App it's “Manage Event”. Just click the player’s name under the attendees list and click refund.

How do I keep track of payments received over time?
In order to track payment through the app/website you will have access to the payment dashboard to: 1) See who is coming and who has paid (app and web)
2) Issue refunds with one click (app and web)
3) See how much money you have made through the app over time (web only)

Co-Hosts, Waitlists, Waivers, Check-Ins, Regulars Lists, Recurring Events, Widgets

Can I add a co-host/co-organizer to my Group or Event?
For groups that have multiple people hosting games, Group Admin(s) can now create two additional tiers of admin roles with different permissions: Event Admins, and Event Managers. Event Admins can’t change group level settings, but they have full control over events within a group, including the ability to issue refunds for events. Event Managers can edit, repeat, and delete events, view and delete event attendees, and check players in, but cannot issue refunds. For a more clear breakdown of these roles, read our how-to guide here.

Can I create teams before a game?
On OpenSports, it is easy to create teams or custom spots within your event, so users can sign up for a specific team or position before your event. Read more about that here.

Can I automatically repeat an event so that it is listed every week without me always having to create a new event?
It is a semi-automatic process. Just go to the event you created, click on “Repeat” and the event details will automatically fill in with the same information, for exactly one week later (which you can easily edit). We will be launching our Recurring events feature in April, 2018.

How do the waivers work?
Through your OpenSports Group, it is super easy to collect electronic waivers from every player who joins your events. Once you created your Group, simply go to Settings → Waiver, and copy and paste your Waiver into the text box, then hit save. The next time a player joins one of your Group’s events, they will have to accept the waiver first.

How does the automatic waitlist work?
The Waitlist is an RSVP function that will help you manage your time more effectively by automatically coordinating RSVP’s of a full event. It will also assist your players so that they do not need to keep refreshing and checking if anybody has dropped out of an event. Basically, if someone in your event cancels their RSVP, the first person on the waitlist will receive an email and a push notification from OpenSports, asking if he or she would like the available spot. Read more about how much time players have to take a spot on the waitlist here.

Can I check in players at an event?
Yes! Organizers will be able to check in players at an event. When your event begins, you can tap on the list of attendees to simply check them in! If you have Event Admins or Event Managers, you’ll be able to see who checked the attendee in.

Can I create “Favourites”/“Regulars”/“A/B/C” Lists so that I can invite people on separate lists?
Yes, you can create a list of people to invite first, before sending invites to more people. Read more about creating Favourites/Regulars lists here.

I am worried that if I post events on OpenSports, players will no longer go to my website!
You can add a custom widget on your website to get sign ups and payment for your events directly from your site. You’ll never have to update your event listings page on your website again! More about that here.

Creating a Group/Event and inviting people

I’m an event organizer or I have a sports facility. How do I create an account?
Simply download the OpenSports app or go to our website. Onboarding is a breeze -- just answer a few questions about which sports you play/host. Then you can create a group, invite members, and start to post your first event!

How do I create a group?
To create a group, go to the OpenSports website, and click on “Sports Groups.” You can create a group on the OpenSports website, and the mobile app. Read about creating a public vs. private group, and about more group features here.

How do I create an event (i.e., a pickup sports game)?
You can create an event through the app or website… just click “Create Event

How do I get my event to fill up?
In the event description section, highlight things that will make players feel comfortable joining. Players want to know if it’s going to be a fun and relaxed or serious event, where to meet, what to bring, public transportation accessibility, and if there’s free parking, among other details.

How do I invite players to join my event?
Once you create your event, you’ll see a drop-down list of local OpenSports players that you can instantly invite, based on location, availability, and gender. Read how easy it is to invite people here

Will everyone on the app be notified when I post the event?
OpenSports users will only be notified about your event if you invite them to your event (through a push notification or an e-mail, depending on if they have the app or not). If it is a public event, they will be able to see it on the public events list page in the app.

Settings, Ratings, Data Sharing

Can I change my name on the app?
Yup! Just go to Settings > Edit Profile in the app, and change your name.

How do I get a rating? Can I hide my ratings?
After an event, players have the option of rating the event organizer. Every rating you receive across all of the events you organize is aggregated to provide an average rating. Feedback and reviews in the app are important in order to provide players with reliability of organizers. Ratings cannot be hidden or turned off.

What kind of data can you share with me?
We can let you know how close sports players using the app are to your facility, and the gender/age/sports breakdown of them. Other helpful metrics that we can provide for you include how many times your event was viewed, clicked on, joined, cancelled, etc.

Coming soon

Can group admins "email all members" an email blast?
One of our top priorities. Should be ready to go in April, 2018.

How soon will you have fully automatic recurring events functionality and only make RSVP’ing available at a set time?
While this is in the pipeline, it will take the most time. In the meantime, we’ve made it really easy for an admin to repeat events one at a time. You just tap “repeat event” and it pre-populates all the same information, and dates to 1 week later.

Memberships: Groups will be able to create weekly, monthly, or yearly memberships, and collect and manage those paid memberships through OpenSports. Members can be required to have a membership before joining events. Advanced Invite Selector on Web: We are making sure the Web has the same granular invite functionality as the app. Currently, when you create an event on the OpenSports App, at the top of the invites screen are tabs that allow you to select if you want to invite players from: Your Group; OpenSports Users; and Phone Contacts. Within those categories, you can filter by gender, availability, and skill level. Read more about invite filters here.