Our automatic waitlist will save you hours: Everything you need to know

The waitlist takes care of RSVPs, payments, & automatic refunds if players drop out before your refund deadline!

The Waitlist is an RSVP function that will help you manage your time more effectively by automatically monitoring and coordinating RSVP’s of a full event. It will also assist your players so that they do not need to keep refreshing and checking if anybody has dropped out of a game. Better yet, they won’t persistently ask you if any spots have opened yet (sorry you’ve had to suffer through this for years, Sons of Pitches Soccer Group)😂!

How the automatic waitlist works:

  • If your event fills, people will be able to click “Join Waitlist” (on App & Web).
Joining a Waitlist allows you to see which spot you have taken on the waitlist.
  • If someone in your event cancels their RSVP, the first person on the waitlist will receive an email and a push notification from OpenSports, asking if he or she would like the available spot.
E-mail notification received when a waitlist spot opens for you🙌
  • If the event is more than sixteen hours in the future; the player has two hours to click join;
  • If the event is 16 hours to 1 hour away, there is a 30 minute hold (the player has 30 minutes to click join);
  • If the event is less than one hour away, there is a 10 minute hold time (the player has 10 minutes to click join).
  • If you need to quickly fill up a bunch of spots at the last minute, you can cancel the waitlist (click here to read about how to cancel the waitlist).
  • If the player responds YES, the spot is theirs👇
When a spot on the waitlist opens, the first person in line has two hours (or 10 minutes, depending) to Join before the spot is given away to the next person.
  • If the player does not respond, OpenSports will notify the next person on the waitlist, and the first person on the waitlist will no longer be able to click join (unless nobody on the waitlist joins).
  • If the first player missed their spot, they can only join the waitlist again if nobody else on the waitlist responds yes.

What if nobody on the waitlist responds to the notification?

  • If there were 5 people on waitlist and the system goes through and notifies all 5 that a spot became available, and no-one responds, OpenSports sends out a notification/e-mail that spots are now open on a first come first serve basis.
Email that goes out when nobody on the waitlist responds to the first waitlist run-through!

The waitlist has many benefits:

  • Players can “get in line” and save time by not having to check the app to see if anybody dropped out!
  • Organizers do not need to worry about tracking and messaging people who were interested in playing but couldn’t join the game.
  • Players can track their position on the waitlist!

Waitlist FAQ:

1.When does the Waitlist open and close for an event? Do I (the organizer) have control over this?

The waitlist is enabled by default. This means that the second your game fills up, players will automatically be asked to join the waitlist. The waitlist closes when your event begins.

2. Can I cancel the waitlist so that it’s a free-for-all for everybody on the waitlist?

Yes! If you need to quickly fill up a bunch of spots, you can cancel the waitlist (click here to read about how to cancel the waitlist).

3. How can I view my position on the Waitlist? When you join the waitlist, OpenSports tells you if you are 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc., on the waitlist. Then, you can view your position on the waitlist via the My Events Tab (the calendar icon on the left, on the navigation bar). The Upcoming Events tab is further broken into Requested (i.e., if you’re on a waitlist, you can easily see where you are on the waitlist); Invited; and Upcoming (Going).

4. Will I receive a notification of my Waitlist status? Yes. When you are in position 1 and a space becomes available, the Waitlist functionality will notify you through email and app notification (NOTE: You will NOT be automatically enrolled into the game. You must still click Join).

5. What if 2 people drop out?

The first person on the waitlist will have two hours* to take one spot or both spots, because the waitlist automatically notifies and holds spots for one person at a time regardless of how many spots opened up.

*16 hours to 1 hour before the event, the waitlist has a 30 minute hold time; 1 hour before the event, the waitlist has a 10 minute hold time.

6. Can you waitlist two spots together (i.e., myself and a guest)?

You can’t specify in advance on the waitlist how many spots you want. If two people drop out of the game, you will be able to take both spots (see the answer to Question 5, above).

7. What if I am on the waitlist for a paid game? Do I have to pay in advance?

No. You pay when you join the event.

8. What if I — the event organizer — open up an extra player spot, so that my friend can join the game? Will the people on the waitlist get the notification about that spot first?

If you open up an additional spot, the first person on the waitlist will get priority. We are currently developing unique codes that the organizer can give out to certain people. The codes will allow players to do things like bypass the waitlist and RSVP immediately, unlock a discounted spot, unlock a free spot, etc.

9. What if someone drops out of my game, and I want to give the spot to my friend instead of someone on the waitlist?

Same as Answer #8, above. The first person on the waitlist will get priority.

10. When does the Waitlist close/stop working?

The waitlist stops running when the game starts. This means that, if 10 minutes into your game, a player drops out, other players on the waitlist will not be notified.

11. What if someone drops out while I’m asleep!?

The waitlist “blackout” period is there from 10 pm to 9 am as long as the game starts in more than16 hours. This means that if a spot on the waitlist opens at 10:01pm, the first person on the waitlist will have until 9 am to respond, in case they fell asleep! If they do not respond by 9 am, the waitlist carries on as normal (the next person on the waitlist will be notified).

Waiting off to the side of the pitch?🙀