“Message Organizer” and Event Chat — which admins receive the messages

Question: Let’s say you created all the events (so you are the organizer) but you have also assigned other event admins and event managers for your group. Is it possible possible for them to get the message when an attendee clicks on “Message Organizer,” or when attendees click on “Event Chat”?

Before a player joins an event, they will see a “Message Organizer” button. If you are the person who created the event, only you will be the person who receives the direct message if someone clicks “Message Organizer”.

When a player joins the event, they then have access to the “Event Chat” button (instead of the “message organizer” button). When people participate in the event chat, the event organizer (the person who actually created the event) gets a notification about it. The other people you assigned as event admins/event managers CAN see the event chat, but they have to actively seek it; they don’t get notifications about it unless it’s a game they created.

One idea is to create an additional account and make the name “Group Admin” (replace the word Group with the name of your organization), and you can share that admin account!

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