Why should I join groups on OpenSports?

As a players who is part of a group, you receive invites to every game posted in the group! Members of groups are the first to find out about events going on within groups they love, so that they never miss out on them!

Where are groups listed?

To find a public group to join, go to the OpenSports app, go to the players and groups section (second icon in the app), and tap on the Groups tab (Note: private groups can only be seen through invites from the group administrator).

Scroll down to view public groups in your location.

You will also see a list of the top public groups at the top of the Events page (the page with the “O” icon). You can click on the group to view more details about the group and request to join the group if you want to receive invites when they post new events.

On the website, you will see a few local groups in your area on the OpenSports home page.