Which payment cards does OpenSports accept?

OpenSports has support for collecting payment in 42 countries and their respective currencies. There is variation in which payment cards are accepted, from country to country.

🇺🇸Accepted Cards (USA): Players can pay with almost all major Debit or Credit Cards.

🇨🇦Accepted Cards (Canada): Players can pay with Visa (and Visa Debit), MasterCard, American Express (Debit not accepted at the moment).

🌏Accepted Cards (All other countries): Players can pay with most major debit and credit cards. Message contact@opensports.net if you would like to learn more about payment cards accepted from your country!

We also support Apple Pay and Google Pay for players that have Apple Pay or Google Pay enabled on their phone!! For players who don’t have a credit card or who don’t like entering their credit card details, this means comfort, convenience and faster checkout when RSVP’ing for a game!

View of a player’s screen when they are RSVP’ing for an event that requires payment. If a player has already paid for events via credit card, by default, OpenSport will select the credit card as the payment method. All users now has the option to select Apple Pay or Google Pay if they have it enabled on their mobile device.