WeWork Buys Meetup. Alternatives to Meetup include OpenSports: The Meetup for Sports

With the launch of our game changing Groups feature, organizers are moving from MeetUp to OpenSports. Here’s why🙃

“So..I’m fed up with meetup. I’ve found another platform that solely focuses on pickup sports, is simpler, spams you less, and costs nothing” — Dan, Philadelphia Volleyball, OpenSports Organizer

Why OpenSports?

We imagined the possibilities of what could transpire when you have everyone who lives in the same location and plays the same sports, on one platform. We sought to simplify the lives of everyone involved, including the game organizers and players. This could only be done by creating a sports specific platform...and we delivered🎯🔥.

Some recreational sports organizers use OpenSports because they want to save money (it’s free!) and experience the ease and simplicity of inviting the same group of players every time they post a game. Many want to connect new people to their already existing sports groups. The feedback from our users is powerful: This web and app platform completely transforms the pickup sports Management, Registration, and Communication process, while allowing you to build an engaged, happy, and active sports community.

Built by players and organizers

Some of the strategies I have tried over the years to invite people to my pickup soccer games have included posting on over 6 dead facebook groups, messaging friends through imessage, messaging my 3 different soccer teams through whatsapp group chats, and posting on meetup, only to get a few people joining. This is tireless, and sometimes thankless work and I now experience something that has completely transformed how I create and manage pickup games.

I truly believe that the OpenSports groups feature is a game changer. It takes me a few seconds to post a game, and invite all 400+ players in my “Toronto Pickup Soccer Group”. I get to immediately watch as my attendees list starts to fill up and of course, that attracts more players. My group is public meaning the games I post are open to my group as well as the broader OpenSports community of thousands of players. Some organizers have created private groups too. I just love how easy it is to connect with everyone who shares a love for the same sports and is available to play when I am (which, in many cases, is in the morning and the snow)!!!

Here are some of the best cases for using OpenSports Groups:

  • You want an easy, electronic tool to send invites, get a head count and collect RSVP’s, collect payment, collect electronic waivers, and have an automatic waitlist to control your attendees list for you
  • You want to bring together your regulars with new players, to welcome new faces to your community
  • You want to open Custom Teams/Custom Spots/Custom Positions — Some organizers set aside a certain amount of gender specific or position specific spots (i.e., 1 goalie, 5 defence, 1 forward), which is very easy.

Transferring your group from Meetup to OpenSports is easy:

To create a group, go to www.opensports.net and create a group from the home page. You’ll be able to invite your regulars/ friends to your group using the simple invite tool. You can also invite current members of the app! It’s an open community😊

If you’re hesitating, we understand…

As the organizer, the stress falls on you to move your group of players onto another platform, and you may be sad to no longer have a community of 1000+ players in your current meetup group — even if many of those members are inactive. It is okay to tell your current community that you are trying something different… check out what our friend from Philadelphia did, here. He knew that this would transform the way he organized games and connected with players, and knew that longer term gain was worth the short term pain.

By coming to OpenSports, you will have a more active, connected sports community with engaged players who are ready to play when you are. You will save so much time not having to use multiple platforms to find players and communicate with players and keep track of registrations.

What’s more, and this is important, you get to work with a company thats far more active in the sports community and be an important member of our team by building the platform with us. We are a small but dedicated, passionate and brilliant team and we listen to your feedback almost to a fault! We work with our players and our community to make this your recreational sports home.

You will have a happier, more connected community who are genuinely grateful for the work that you do, and that is 100% guaranteed.

Try it now:)

Start to build your sports group by inviting a core of your members to see how it works out. After you get a few events under your belt, it might be time to invite the entire group by cross-posting events and then eventually saying goodbye to Meetup altogether.

If you have any questions or feedback about our Groups feature, email me at alicia@opensports.ca — I would loveee to hear from you!

The positive feedback about OpenSports pours in. Our community is incredibly engaged and ❤s us almost as much as we ❤ them!!

OpenSports Features:

  • Private groups and public groups
  • Lists of regular players to Re-invite to events
  • Event attendees list
  • Electronic Payment collection — players pay in advance = no more no shows
  • Instant communication with all or some game attendees through game chat
  • Build your online waiver into your event RSVP’s
  • Reviews of organizers
  • Players’ playing history/detailed sport profiles
  • Send instant notifications about changes to your game
  • Multiple event Invite features allowing you to choose who to invite and invite your group members en masse

Thank you so much for reading and happy sport-ing!!! Send me a message if you want to learn more about creating a group at alicia@opensports.ca

Alicia ✌️😊