Weekday mornings free? Come meetup and play pickup soccer in Toronto

Open to all. Join our pickup soccer crew in Scarborough this week

Right now, the best game you can find (it’s cheap, indoor, on turf, and 2 hours) is Friday Mornings at Ultra Sports Centre in Scarborough, for $5 for two hours. What a deal!!! If you’re thinking of joining, read on…

What you can expect?

A lot of running (you will whip your body back into summer soccer in Toronto shape), to the beat of some dope music (Thank you Pierce from Mindshift Evolution for your playlists).

This is our friend, Nick. He ran so much that he had to take breaks every 3 minutes! Ha

Intermediate level. Co-ed (although usually there are many more guys). About 5v5 or 6v6. Some nutmegs. Some double scissors. Some step-overs. Maybe a few rainbows. But overall, a really great morning and certainly the best way to start your weekend.

If you’re looking for some new people to meet in Toronto, looking for a good sweat, looking to get some more touches on the ball, or just looking for something random to do one day, come out and join our pickup soccer games in Scarborough.

Link to join this week’s game: https://opensports.ca/posts/a54d7afe29082b6bf44d

See you on the pitch!

The OpenSports Team (soon to be your friends… if you come out!!)