Can I create teams in advance on the app?

Make sure that all players show up wearing the right colour and knowing which team they are on!

Whether you’re an avid organizer or you casually create pick-up games on OpenSports, it is easy to open up custom team spots, so users can sign up to specific teams (and know what colour jerseys to bring too)!

How to open custom team spots:

When you are creating an event, scroll down to the box that says ‘Players Needed’.

You can start entering the details for your first team by typing in the different boxes. For example, under Team/Position you could specify the team jersey colour or team name. Then continue this for the number of spots available on your first team and the price per member of that team.

Open up custom spots for as many teams as you want to create.

Read how we set up out own tournament through OpenSports by creating teams in advance, here!

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