Are there any large groups that have moved from MeetUp to OpenSports?

If you’re planning on moving from MU, OpenSports has been working for some really big sports groups! Check them out.

As an organizer myself, I have experienced the same frustration with Meetup. I stopped using it and was searching for a long time to find an alternative (which ended up costing me a lot of members from my group). Then I found OpenSports. I actually reached out to them and eventually I got an internship with them so I could have my input into how they ran their site so that I didn’t have to go through what I did with Meetup.
OpenSports only takes 5% + $0.30 transaction fee (compared to Meetup’s 8% + $0.50), and helps build actual relationships within groups. I noticed with my Meetup (and others) that the group would have thousands of members, but talking to organizers, most of those members were inactive. Whereas with OpenSports, members of groups are way more active (smaller groups, higher activity), which creates a more personal feeling.
I know there are many different alternatives, but I think OpenSports is the best (from my perspective as an organizer). I hope you will check it out:
You will love it! Jake

What types of organizations are using OpenSports as an alternative to MeetUp?

Everywhere from pickup soccer and volleyball groups in Chicago, Germany, Massachusetts, Philadelphia, Florida, Alabama, and Toronto to swimming and basketball groups in the UK.

These groups have a few things in common. For one thing, they are existing sports and recreation groups that have a thriving community of regulars that come to their events. These are organizers who are so devoted to their groups that they will spend weeks testing and getting to know our web and app platform, before they joyfully and convert with a huge sigh of relief!

Here are the top 3 groups that have moved from Meetup to OpenSports:

1. Chicago Fire Recreational Soccer

Chicago Fire Recreational Soccer (CFRS)

2. Philadelphia Volleyball

Here’s one of the announcements Dan, the founder of Philadelphia Volleyball, made on Meetup, about switching platforms:

It is helpful to make the announcement about the move on your MeetUp group, as well.

3. Sons of Pitches FC

Check out SOPFC’s Pickup soccer page on their website to see how they embed OpenSports events onto their web page, or just read below:

🌟How to facilitate the Transition from MU to OpenSports

To create a group on OpenSports, just click Create a Group on web. Then you’ll need to create events and invite your members to your new group! Read here on steps to facilitate the transition!

Worried about losing your 4000 MU members?

“Out of 150 new people joining (through MeetUp) every season, we may see 60, of the 60 maybe 30 come out 3 times and maybe 10 come out 6 times and 4 become ‘regulars’ that attend 10 or more times a year.” — MU Organizer of a Paddle Group in Florida

Based on conversations we’ve had with MU Organizers, there is a distinction between retaining all members vs. retaining ACTIVE members. Most MU organizers have been able to migrate about 90% of their active users to OpenSports, because those are the people who want to continue participating in events no matter what. Most MU organizers don’t care about the inactive lurkers anyways. Just bring on the regulars!

As for the cost of being an organizer on OpenSports, as Jake indicated above, it is much more affordable than MeetUp. You can read the post here for a quick breakdown of the transaction fees when you collect money through the two platforms.

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