Syncing events to your calendar

Want to sync your upcoming events to your calendar? OpenSports enables calendar sync!

Syncing from desktop/the web

When you join an event on the web, on this congrats screen, you’ll see a “Set a calendar reminder” heading with choices to sync the event to your Google Calendar or iCal or Outlook calendar.

If you click on the iCal/Outlook button, it’ll download the event, and you have to click on the download file and thats when it synchs to your calendar.

Downloaded file and the event now in the participant’s iCalendar.

If you click on the Google Cal button, it’ll bring the event in your google calendar and auto populate all of the event details (name/date/time/location) and you just have to click Save.

How to synch with your calendar if you’re an event organizer.

If you are creating the events on your desktop, then you should be able to join them (and not pay), and then add the event to your calendar, per the process above.