Stripe is requesting Photo ID to verify my account — is this normal?

Yes! Every user — whether an individual or a business — will always need to upload their government-issues photo ID in colour. It is part of Stripe’s obligations to their banking partners to verify a company rep on the account.

Stripe does not request this photo ID immediately when you are activating your account, they reach out by email as soon as you have started processing payments.

Here’s a look at what the email might look like:

Sample email that you may have received from Stripe.

Does this differ for businesses vs individuals?

Businesses registered tax information needs to be validated but both business and individual accounts need to assign a company rep who’s ID will be requested for verification.

You simply need to click on the link in the email you got to upload your ID. This is a requirement to fully verify your account so you will need to upload a government-issued photo ID in colour.

Note: The representative of the company (and not necessarily the bank account holder) needs to upload their ID.

This is a link to explain Stripe’s requirement for this: https://support.stri…y-passport-or-driver-s-license

If you need more help and direct support, you can reach out to Stripe directly and they are super quick at helping. Here is the link to their support page to :

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