RSVP for an upcoming game (app)

Easily mark yourself as attending so that your captain knows you will show up!

Audience: Players

0. Before we start

Please confirm you have access to the following before reading this article:

You are on a team with an upcoming game

  • You should have registered for a league on OpenSports and be on a team roster
  • The schedule has been published and you have upcoming games

1. How to RSVP for a game

  • Go to the My Team tab
  • Under Next Match, tap on the upcoming match that you’d like to RSVP for
  • Tap on the green RSVP button
  • When you select you are going, the system will verify your selection.
  • If you want to view which of your teammates are also attending the game, tap on the “Roster” tab*. This will show you a list of teammates, with a checkmark next to the players’ who marked themselves as attending.

*For youth leagues, as an additional layer of privacy, only the captain and league admin can view the team roster, and can view who else has RSVP’d for each game.