Puma x #Playpickup Contest — Favourite Photos from Week 2

Get your Week 3 entries in by joining pickup soccer games this long weekend!

The official draw for this week’s entries is this evening (Friday, Oct 6) so tune in to OpenSports’ Instagram Story for the winner announcement tonight. 4 weeks left to go!

Best NO MERCY Post:

Ouuuuuchh….A Nutmeg play-by-play. How humiliating! Everybody knows how bad this feels, and hopes it did not get captured 📸🤦🏻‍. This post also gets the contest creativity award.

The “It Accidentally Ricochet off My Belly When I Wasn’t Even Facing the Net” Post:

The reaction you have when asking yourself “Did I just score that?” 😃😃

Most Hilarious Photoshop Post:

Simona took the whole “Don’t worry that you missed it, we will photoshop you into the photo!” to a whole new level. But you know what, this is how you make sure people feel like a part of the TEAM!

The Man U’s Biggest Fan Post:

All Man U everything! #MUFC #RedDevils ⚽️👌 It’s time for someone to challenge @tonton_ovi with a different club’s kit in their post.

Biggest Trophy…..Ever. Post:

Did you win the World Cup @brunadiasca!?………You’re going to need an entire trophy room with prizes like that!!! 😯🔥🏆

The Best Team Lie Post:

This team snagged a trophy from their goalie’s previous game, and pretended to win the league after a heartbreaking loss in PK’s!! They compete tonight for the wildcard entry into the semi-finals of the co-ed league they play in, and are HUNGRY for their first win!

The Don’t Get it Twisted 👊 Post:

It’s important to play with confidence on the pitch, and if you had a stellar game why not remind people not to forget your number #4! ⚽️🔥4️⃣

The Biggest Contrast in Mood Post:

Nothing more exciting then celebrating a goal and a win! Although… it’s clearly not too exciting for the opponent 🤢. Keep moving on up Seneca Stings Women’s team!!! ⚽️😀🐝

Best Jerseys Post:

Just cause… Puma:)

The Most Motivational Post:

Couldn’t have said it better! 👌🙌

The Coolest Name Post:

Not only is he gearing up for a killer strike after what looks to be a sharp exhale, he’s got the best name in the league! ⚽️🔥💪

The Best “Man On!!!” Shot:

Did the receiver of the pass get a chance to turn and shoot🤔? We will never know…

The Why We All Play Post:

This reminds us why we all play… the connection that sports brings to our lives can is captured by a photo of a true soccer family ❤ 🏆

For more contest details, visit www.opensports.ca/soccer-contest

Remember there are two ways to enter: Post or Play in a pickup soccer game on the app & leave the game organizer reviews OR share a photo of yourself playing in Instagram/Facebook/Twitter and tag OpenSports #playpickup #foreverfaster to win.

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