Manually add members to events

Group Admins can now add a group member and their guests to an event

How to manually add an attendee

Note: Right now this is a web only feature, and ONLY the group admins can use this tool (not event admins or event managers).

  • From your event info page, click on Add Attendee
  • Type in the name of the group member you’d like to add
  • Select which position/spot to put them in. Note: if you set up custom questions for your event, you will be prompted to fill them out for the attendee.
  • Adding a guest: Let’s say you are hosting an event that is open to parents and their children. You can add multiple people to this registration using the Add Guest button:
  • When you manually add a member to an event, you will not have to pay for them.
  • You will see the options to auto-generate a one-time discount or to select which membership or discount that member has on their account.
  • If the member has a membership/discount on their account, they will automatically show up and you can select it:
When you add a group member to an event, the system will automatically know which memberships/discounts belong to their account, and you can apply those when you manually register the member.
  • Once you click the “Add Attendee” button, you can go back to your event and see that the attendee, or attendees, have automatically been added!

Removing their ticket

  • Admins can remove their ticket as per usual through the “Manage Attendees” tool from the event page


  1. Can I manually add a non-OpenSports user to an event?
  • Not unless they are the guest of an OpenSports member. You must first add an existing OpenSports member, and then you can also add their guests (if the event allows guests to be added).

2. If the player that I manually added is a member of OpenSports, will they receive event notifications & can they cancel their ticket?

  • Yes. The event that you manually registered them for shows up in their OpenSports profile like any other event that they registered for, meaning they will receive event notifications, can use the event chat, and can cancel their ticket themselves.

3. If there is a waitlist, can I manually add a member to the waitlist?

  • No you cannot. If there is a waitlist, the Add Attendee tool does not work.

4. If a member has never accepted the waiver, can I manually add them to an event?

  • You will receive this error message:
  • When you see that error message, send the player the link to the event page where there will be a View Waiver button. Have them click the “View Waiver” button and they will be able to view and accept the waiver for events within your group.
  • Now, you still have to manually add them to the event.

5. If a member has a membership or a discount on their OpenSports account, can I automatically redeem passes from their membership instead of waiving the fee when I register them?

  • Yes. If the member has a membership, such as a 10-pass, and you select the membership, the change will automatically be reflected in their membership info (i.e., it will show that one pass was redeemed for the game)
  • If you register an OpenSports members AND their guests, only the membership/discount options that allow a player to redeem more than one discount at a time will show up
When you add a group member who has an OpenSports account, the system will automatically know which memberships/discounts belong to their account, and you can apply those when you manually register the member.

6. Which admins can manually add members to events?

  • Only Group Admins (not event admins, or event managers)

If you have any other questions, please email