I’m looking for a specific group to join. How do I find it?

Where are groups listed?

On the App

  • To find a public group to join, open your OpenSports app
  • Go to the Main Discovery “O” Tab (middle icon, from the main navigation bar)
  • Tap the top left icon (of the group of people) on the main discovery page
  • Tap “Find Groups”
  • It will show you a listing of public groups that are nearby
  • From here, scroll through local groups, and/or search for the group by name by tapping on the search icon and typing in the group’s name (Note: only public groups will show up this way. If you are trying to join a private group, ask the admin to send you an invite code).
  • When you find the group you’d like to join, tap on it, read the group details from the Group’s main page, and click the Join button.

On the Web

  • Find local groups by going to www.opensports.net/discovery and that will load a list of local public events
  • Through those events, you can see which group is hosting the event and can find and easily click on the group name, which will lead you to the group’s page, and join the group!