If players sign the waiver electronically, does the admin have access to it?

Your insurance company may be asking you this!

Here’s a question we’ve been asked:

“Our insurance company requires us to collect and store signed waivers from all of our members. It would be okay if they sign a waiver for the first event they attend, but will we have a list or database to access everyone’s signed waivers?

There are two scenarios we need to address: 1. How do we show the insurance company that we have collected waivers 2. If there’s an accident, do we have a signed waiver saved that we can access for those involved?”

Here’s what we provide

We can provide you with a custom export of a list of:

  • who has signed the waiver
  • which version of the waiver they have signed,
  • and when they agreed to it (timestamp)

Upcoming feature

We plan on having this as a page that you can easily access (so that you can see who has signed each version of your waiver).