How to view & edit who’s going/not going/or maybe going to a game

Audience: Team Captains

Before we start

Please confirm you have access to the following before reading this article:

Existing team & schedule

  • You should be the captain of a team in a league or tournament
  • There should be players on your team’s roster
  • The league should have a schedule, with upcoming games

1. How to view who has RSVP’d for an upcoming game

  • From the My Team page, tap on the game for which you’d like to view which players are going/not going/maybe going
  • Tap on Roster
  • From the Roster page, you can view who is going, maybe going, and not going

2. How to change a teammates’ game RSVP (going, maybe going, not going)

  • From the Roster page, tap on the name of the player who’s RSVP you’d like to change
  • Tap on the option you’d like (going, maybe, or declined)
  • You’ll see the player’s RSVP status instantly changed!