How to register youth for a league as a free agent

Audience: Parents/Guardians of Youth signing up for a league

1. Background and terminology

  • In short, a free agent is a player that is joining a league, but does not have a team to join (i.e., they are not being invited to a team by a captain)
  • In youth leagues, where teams are not captained, but rather are managed by the league administrators, every player who is being signed up by their parents/guardians is called a “Free Agent”
  • In a youth league, parents/guardians will sign up using their OpenSports accounts on behalf of the youth, and team rosters will be hidden (more privacy for your youth!)
  • Free Agents must be registered for the league (paid in full) in order to be assigned to a team

2. Youth Leagues: How to register your Youth (“Free Agent”) for a league

  • From the main OpenSports page (the page represented by the O symbol in the lower navigation panel), if you have your location set correctly, you should be able to find the league you are looking for. If the league is not displaying, please tap on the location icon (the pin) and change your location to reflect where the league is held.
  • Tap on the league card to open up more league info
  • Review the league info and tap “Register”
  • Select the registration method you’d like to register with
  • Add your youths’ first name and last name (In this example below, the guardian (Emily Dare) is the OpenSports account holder, meaning their OpenSports account is in their name)
  • Add your payment details if they have not been added before. Complete your payment!
How yo register your youth for a league through the OpenSports app

That’s it! Next steps:

  • Once your youth is registered/paid, the league admin will receive a notification and will see them listed as a Free Agent. When the league admin is ready, they will assign your youth to a team in the league.
  • You will receive a notification when your youth is assigned to a team, at which point you will be able to view team info from the Team Dashboard and the upcoming schedule!