How to invite players to your event: Web

Note: for a guide on how to invite players to your event through the app, read here.

Web invites

When you create an event on OpenSports, you are automatically brought to an invites page:

The invite suggested users option allows you to invite local players who play the sport and are actively using the app.

Send Invites based on Level, Gender, and Availability

If you want to get more granular with your invites, click on the “Invite” button directly from your Event page.

  • You can invite players from 3 buckets: Emails, OpenSports users, and your Group.
  • Within those buckets, you can filter by level, availability, and gender:

Use the search bar to type in somebody’s name:

Send Invites to special lists of players in your group:

For a guide on creating “Starred” invite lists to send an initial set of invites to your favourites, read here.