How to have attendees answer custom questions when they register for events (Web & app)

Creating and editing custom questions like t-shirt size, emergency contact info, etc.

How to set up custom questions for one event (and/or multiple events)

  1. On the create event page make sure your group is selected.

2. You will see a field called Custom Questions. If this is your first time creating custom questions, select “New List of Questions”.

3. Start creating your custom questions, such as “what is your t-shirt size?”

  • You can also click on “Show options” to select if you require for that question to be answered, and the min and max characters allowed in the answer.
  • Click on “Add New Question” if you would like multiple questions to apply to that event

4. Once you have added all of the questions that you want to be assigned to that event, select which group of attendees these questions will apply to.

  • For example, if you run events that require parents to sign up their child, then you may want one list of questions to apply to the player (child) and one list of questions to apply to the parent.

5. When you click Save, you will see a preview of the questions you inputted. The asterisk* indicates that this is a question that requires a response in order for someone to register.

  • if you have multiple types of spots open (i.e., for players and for parents; or for goalies and players) and would like to add another set of questions that corresponds to another spot, you can select “New list of Questions” and go through the same process.

6. Editing questions: If you go back to edit any questions, you will be given the option to update the questions “only for this event” or “for all events”.

  • You can edit questions at any point while registration for the event is open.

Voila! Create your event, and people will automatically be prompted to answer your custom questions while they are registering for the event!

Player view — how do players respond to the questions

  1. When someone is registering for the event, they will select which spot(s) they are registering for.

2. Once the spot is selected (i.e., “Player”), the questions that you assigned to that spot will automatically appear, and the player can easily fill out the required fields.

Admin view — Viewing players’ responses

  1. From the event page, click on Manage Users

2. Next to the players’ name, click View Order

Note: If you’d like to export your whole attendees list (including their answers to the custom questions), you can do that by clicking on the “Export Attendees” button from the Manage Users page.

  • You can view all the details of the order, including the players’ answers to the custom questions.
  • If somebody orders more than one spot (i.e., parent and player) this is how the answers to the questions show up in the order:

Congrats! You’ve set up custom questions for your upcoming event. If you need any help, please email