Communicate with your whole team through Team Chat (app + web)

Our Team chat function makes communicating with your teammates super easy!

On the App

  • Make sure you are in the “leagues/tournaments” environment (the trophy icon)
  • Tap on the Team Chat sub-menu
  • Anything you type into this chat will be seen by all players who have registered for your team! All of your teammates will have access to the same chat, and can also post in the team chat at any time
  • Team chat messages will be sent to players via push notification (if they have the app and have push notifications enabled) or via email (if they have a web account, and/or don’t have push notifications enabled)

On the Web

  • Find your team’s dashboard by clicking on your profile picture (or initials), then from the drop-down menu, click on My Teams
  • Then tap on the name of the team you registered. You will be directed to your team’s dashboard
  • From your team’s dashboard, tap on Team Chat
  • A Chat Box will open, where you can send and view messages!