How to access the event waiver after you signed it/agreed to it

If you want to see the waiver you agreed to, follow the instructions below:

On the web

Go to the event page for the event you joined, and beside the group name, you’ll see a “See Waiver” button.

On the app

Tap on the three dots at the top of the event page, and tap on the “See Waiver” option from the menu.

Here’s a little bit about how waivers work on OpenSports:

As a player, if you are a member of a group (let’s say “Big Town Volleyball” and they have a waiver for their games, the first time you join one of their events, you have to click Accept and Join during the registration process (see screenshots below).

You will NOT have to sign the waiver again for an event within that group unless the group admin edited the waiver.

Web View of the Waiver
App view of the waiver

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