How long into a game can a player still join? When does RSVPing close?

And when does the waitlist stop working?

Let’s say you have a filled pickup game. It just started and a player doesn’t show up. You have another player there in person wanting to register using the app, but it appears that all spots are filled. How can they still join?

  • An event manager can make changes to the game (i.e., increase the number of spots or remove a no-show at any point during the game.
  • A participant can join a game as soon as there are open spots so long as the game hasn't finished
  • Players can join the waitlist during the game (if the organizer is going to subsequently “cancel” the waitlist).
  • Once a game has started, a player from the waitlist can only join the game if the waitlist is cancelled by the organizer. An organizer can only cancel the waitlist if there is at least one new spot open (either because a player drops out of a full game, or because you opened up an additional spot).
  • The automatic waitlist no longer works once the game starts (i.e., if a person drops out when the game starts, the first person one the waitlist does not get notified and cannot join the game).