How do I minimize the amount of no-shows at my events!?

Tip #1: Collect Payment through OpenSports and set refund deadlines (Gold star tip!)

Players are significantly more likely to show up if they paid through the app. What’s more, with our amazing “Refund deadlines” feature, players who drop out last minute will not be refunded if you set a specific refund deadline. Plus, no more collecting cash from individual players. Paying through the app is seamless for users and the money is automatically deposited into your bank account!

Collecting payment through OpenSports:

OpenSports uses a payment system with state of the art security called Stripe that is fully integrated with our platform (web + iOS and Android app).

When users pay for your events through the app, OpenSports charges a 5% + $0.30 transaction processing fee for every payment you collect, to provide you with integrated features that make managing your games incredibly easy!

Click here to learn more about how easy it is to collect payment electronically through OpenSports.

Accepted Cards (USA): Players can pay with almost all major Debit or Credit Card.

Accepted Cards (Canada): Players can pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express (Debit not accepted at the moment).

Accepted Cards (All other countries): Most major debit and credit cards.

Tip #2: Create a sense of urgency

Right now, if your game is set to unlimited spots, you are not creating any sense of urgency, and the waitlist won’t turn on. Opening up a fixed number of spots (i.e., just opening 16 spots) can help because if people don’t sign up in time they’ll be delegated to the waiting list. If players know that there is a waitlist with others who really want to play, they will be more accountable to cancelling their spot on time, to open it up to waitlisted players!

Tip #3: Create “No-show penalties”

Within your event description, specify that you will checking players in through OpenSports, and if a player does not show up to an event, they will be banned from joining the next event (for example). The terms of your penalties are completely up to you!

By having an app and website that are optimized for both app-users and web-users, OpenSports is truly the pickup sports solution for everyone!

Let me know if you’re still having any difficulty with no shows and I’d be more than happy to help offer some more advice!

:) Alicia from OpenSports

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