How do I keep track of payments received over time?

Payments Received Dashboard and Reports Feature

There are two ways to keep track of payments you’ve received. We recommend you use OpenSports’ simple but robust Reports feature (which you can access through your Group page).

Stripe Payments Received Dashboard

Group Admins have access to their Stripe Payments Received Dashboard. You can use your online OpenSports payment dashboard to track who has paid, how much money you have made over time, upcoming payouts and expected deposit dates.

Go to the “Payment” tab in your group (through the Web or App) > Click “View Account Balance” to see your Stripe Dashboard:

The stripe Dashboard clearly indicates how much money you have made and how much you are still owed.

Reports (Revenue)

Reconcile your finances and see how much money you are earning for each event, and how much money you’ve earned for all events within a specified period of time!

In the example below, the New Years Pickup event generated US $210 in revenue (gross, and including refunds) and $194.32 after transaction fees. There were 20 paid RSVP’s and 8 discounts were redeemed.

Anything in Green can be clicked and expanded, so clicking on “NEW YEARS PICKUP” brings you back to the event, allowing you to view the attendees list, and clicking on the “8” under Discounts shows you who redeemed a discount, and which discount they redeemed.

Sample view of the “Revenue” tab, sorted by most recent date, over the Jan 1 2019 — Jan 14 2019 range.