How do I find my transit number, institution number and account number: Connecting your Canadian bank account to Stripe

Transit, Institution, and Account numbers work together to identify your account and ensure that your money ends up in the right place. These numbers are required to complete many basic banking transactions.

You should be able to find your transit, institution, and account numbers by logging into your online banking account, or you can find them in your check book.

  • The transit number (five digits) identifies which branch you opened your account at (often called your home branch).
  • The institution number (three digits) identifies which bank you use (i.e., TD, RBC, Scotiabank, etc)
  • The account number (seven to twelve digits) identifies your individual account. If your account number only has 6 digits but a form requires 7, simply add a 0 to the start. For example, 123456 is 0123456.

If you need help knowing which other information to enter into the Stripe Connect form, check out this help page.

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