How do I convince a bunch players to stop using reply-all chains?

Here’s a question from an OpenSports members who runs an Ultimate Frisbee group in the States:

“Do you know how to convince a bunch of old-school players to stop using reply-all email chains to organize pick up games???”

There are a definitely a few tricks that can help to get people to switch from the “reply all” world of Email, Facebook, iMessage, Whatsapp, etc!

Tip #1: Tell players that you are exclusively using OpenSports to send game invites and collect RSVP’s:

Sample messaging that you can send to your members:

We now use OpenSports to post and manage all of our pickups, not [email]!

To join this pickup session and join our group for future games, go to: [insert event URL here]

OpenSports is an app better suited for pickup sports that is easy to use on your phone, and includes features like a waitlist, auto-refunds, and game notifications!

Tip #2: Create a sense of urgency:

Right now, if your game is set to unlimited spots, you are not creating any sense of urgency for your members to join. Setting it to a fixed number can help because if people don’t sign up in time they’ll be delegated to the waiting list. If it appears that there is more demand than capacity for your events, then making signups first come first served can definitely help.

Tip #3: Collect payments electronically through OpenSports:

Players are significantly more likely to sign up for a new app and show up to games if they have to pay for their spot through the app. Plus, no more collecting cash from individual players — all of the money is deposited directly into your bank account! Paying through the app is truly seamless for users as well!

OpenSports uses a payment system called Stripe that is fully integrated with our platform (web + iOS and Android app). Click here to learn more about how easy it is to collect payment electronically through OpenSports.

By having an app and website that are optimized for both app-users and web-users, OpenSports is truly the pickup sports solution for everyone!

Let me know if you’re having any difficulty moving your members over to your OpenSports group and I’d be more than happy to help!

:) Alicia from OpenSports