How do I calculate how much to charge players, when accounting for the transaction fee?

OpenSports integrates with Stripe for payments across its web and mobile apps, allowing easy collection of event fees or team payments.

Stripe Fees:
Fees vary by country. Typically in the United States and Canada there's a 2.9% percentage fee and a fixed fee of $0.30 per transaction. See Stripe's Pricing for details.

OpenSports Fee:
OpenSports charges an additional 3% fee for our integrated features, helping you efficiently manage games and leagues.

How to Calculate the Charge Per Ticket:

When setting up an event, you need to consider these fees to ensure you collect the intended amount per ticket.


To find out how much to charge per ticket, use this formula:

Amount to Charge = (Desired Amount + $0.30) / 0.941

  • 0.941: Represents what you keep after fees (94.1%). This is 100% minus the total fees (2.9% for Stripe + 3% for OpenSports).


If you want to collect $10 per player:

  • Calculation: Amount to Charge = ($10 + $0.30) / 0.941 ≈ $10.95

This means you should charge $10.95 per ticket.