How do I add a new sport to my player profile?

What is the benefit of having sport cards?

When a group administrator for a group you are a part of is sending invites to their games, they often just filter players who play a specific sport, and who are available at a particular time, and who play at a specific level. You want to make sure that you match all of these filters, by creating sport cards for every sport you want to play!

How to add a sports card:

  • Go to your Player Profile (bottom right tab of the app) and click on “Add a Sport Card
  • You will then be prompted to choose a sport
  • To change your level, simply drag the slider to the right to increase skill
  • Then choose the position you would like to play (for sports with positions)
  • The next screen asks what you are looking for. We pre-populated a message for you — if you like that message press “save”. If you want to specify what else you’re looking for, you can change the text (i.e., “I’m looking to find a competitive women’s team to play on this summer; I’m looking to play in casual pickup soccer games”). Be creative here!
  • Hit save and you will now have a new sports card!

We suggest you add a sport card for every type of sport and fitness activity that you like! This will make you more visible to organizations that post events for that sport/activity, when they invite OpenSports members.