How do I add a new sport to my player profile?

The best way get invited to more local games is by adding sports cards to your player profile

How to add a sports card:

  • Go to your Player Profile (bottom right corner of the app) and click on “Add a Sport Card
  • You will then be prompted to choose a sport
  • To change your level, simply drag the slider to the right to increase skill
  • Then choose the position you would like to play (for sports with positions)
  • The next screen asks what you are looking for. We pre-populated a message for you — if you like that message press “save”. If you want to specify what else you’re looking for, you can change the text (i.e., “I’m looking to find a competitive women’s team to play on this summer; I’m looking to play in casual pickup soccer games”). Be creative here!
  • Hit save and you will now have a new sports card!

We suggest you add a sport card for every type of sport and fitness activity that you like! This will make you more visible to organizations that post events for that sport/activity, when they invite OpenSports members.

Whenever you add a new sport card, you are “Bumped” to the top of the Players List page for that sport in your region. Bumping your player card makes you more visible for that sport because it tells others that you are actively on the app and want to play!

Bump your sport card through your Player Profile, and you will be bumped up to the top of the Players’ list in your region.